Current Research & New Projects

  • LOSING CONTROL: ANALYZING THE DEMAND SIDE OF POPULIST PARTY SUPPORT –RQ: What effect does an individual’s sense of loss of control have on the support for populist parties? Projekt with Viktoria Jansesberger
  • EXPLAINING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POPULISM, TRUST, IDEOLOGY AND FEELING AFFECTED BY THE PANDEMIC: RQ: What impact do populist attitudes have on the way individuals perceive the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • POLITICAL REACTIONS TO EXISTENTIAL FEARS WITH COVID-19Conjoint survey experiment with preceding vignette experiment. RQ: what impact do such attitudes have on support for policies to combat COVID-19 under conditions of a liberal democracy?
  • UPDATING: Handbook Political Populism 2nd Edition with Christina Holtz-Bacha and Oscar Mazzoleni (Nomos scheduled 2021).
  • Does Ethno-Territorial Identity Matter in Populist Party Support? Analyzing the Demand-Side of 20 National and Regional Populist Parties. Project with Viktoria Jansesberger
  • Book publication: with Aneta Cektic and Klaudia KoxhaDiverse Voices on Populism – New Insights from the European “Periphery (Nomos scheduled 2022)

Table of Content – Planned Contributions

  • Introduction
  • Political and historical causal analysis of Populism in Central and Eastern Europe – Daniel and Ruzha Smilov
  • Populism in Countries of Democratic Transition: The Case of Armenia – Ruben Elamiryan
  • Mapping populism in the European Post-Transition Periphery — Ashot Aleksanyan
  • Populism in a never ending and multiple system transformation: the Kosovo case – Avdi Smajljaj
  • Going in Cycles: Populist Discourses in Post-Soviet Georgia — David Matsaberidze
  • In the political mainstream: Populism in Albania – Reinhard Heinisch, Klaudia Koxha
  • Populism in Armenia: A Conceptual Framework and its application — Simon Clarke
  • Political Parties and Leaders: Populism in Serbia — Despot Kovačević, Despot Kovačević,
  • Populists in Government: The Case of Macedonia ­ — Aneta Cekikj
  • Populist Electorate Without Populist Parties: The Curious Case of Montenegro-Nemanja-Stankov