Current Research & New Projects

ECPR: THE JOINT SESSIONS WORKSHOP 2021 — VIRTUAL016:   New Frontiers in Democracy Research: Tackling a Conceptual and Methodological Impasse. FOR THE FULL WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION DETAILS, SEE HERE

Covid-19 Conjoint Survey Experiment

POLITICAL REACTIONS TO EXISTENTIAL FEARS WITH COVID-19: Conjoint survey experiment with preceding vignette experiment a) Explaining the the relationship between populism, trust, extremism, ideology and the perceived health effects and economic effects; b) Explaining the support for extreme government containment measures.

LOSING CONTROL: ANALYZING THE DEMAND SIDE OF POPULIST PARTY SUPPORT –RQ: What effect does an individual’s sense of loss of control have on the support for populist parties? Projekt with Viktoria Jansesberger

UPDATING: Handbook Political Populism 2nd Edition with Christina Holtz-Bacha and Oscar Mazzoleni (Nomos scheduled 2021).

Does Ethno-Territorial Identity Matter in Populist Party Support? Analyzing the Demand-Side of 20 National and Regional Populist Parties. Project with Viktoria Jansesberger

Book publication: with Aneta CekticPopulism in the European Periphery (Nomos scheduled 2021)

Book chapter with A. Werner – “Accommodating the Counter Revolution: Empirical Evidence Tracing the Austrian Conservatives’ Adaptation to the Rise of the Far Right” – Publication Project coordinated by Tim Bale and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser

Article based on a conjoined survey experiment with Annika Werner on the deviant preferences of voters supporting parties that are unlikely to enter government.