Lecture at the University of Salzburg by EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn

University of Salzburg, Austria (2009-present)

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Austrian Politics (e.g., Populism, Political Parties, Democracy)

Field trip with students to the US

COURSE: Campaigns and Elections (applied course)

COURSE: Selected issues in US Politics

COURSE: Foundational Texts

COURSE: Introduction to Austrian Politics – Principal Lecture

COURSE: Seminar on the Welfare State

COURSE: Research Design for Masters’/Dissertation-level Students

COURSE: Humanitarian Mission Training Field Experience

Renmin University of China, Beijing (2014, 2015, 2017, 2019)

COURSE: Relations between China, the United States, and the European Union

University of Pittsburgh/ Johnstown, USA (1994-2009)

COURSE: American Political Process

Field trip with U. Salzburg students to Nicaragua

COURSE: Comparative Politics

COURSE: American Foreign Policy

COURSE: World Politics

COURSE: Comparative Development

COURSE: Regime Transition in Eastern Europe

COURSE: Seminar in International Human Rights

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Social Policy

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Welfare Policy

University of Pittsburgh Service Learning Program with students in rural Bolivia — Cochabamba Bolivia

COURSE: International Organization/European Union’

COURSE: Political Science Research

COURSE: Latin American Politics

COURSE European Union Political



University of Pittsburgh/Political Science, USA (1996-2009)

COURSE: The Welfare State in Comparative Perspective              

COURSE: EU and European Social Policy

COURSE: New Southern European Democracies and the European Union: Impact and Public Policy

COURSE: Studying Development through Service Learning – The Case of Bolivia

St. Lawrence University, USA (1985-86, 1988-89)

COURSE: Soviet and East European Politics and History

Michigan State University, USA (1989-94)

COURSE: European Political Sociology

COURSE: Introduction to Comparative Politics

COURSE: Introduction to International Relations

COURSE: Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science

COURSE: Introduction to Political Thought

COURSE: America and World Problems

COURSE: American Government — Fieldwork/Internship Program

Semester at Sea Institute for Ship Board Education, USA (2000)

COURSE: The Politics of the European Union

COURSE: Comparative European Political Systems

West Virginia University/Amizade, USA (2006, 2008)

COURSE: Studying Development/Global Service Learning in Bolivia

Amizade Service Learning with students of the University of Pittsburgh in Bolivia