Lecture at the University of Salzburg by EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn
Field trip with students to the US

University of Salzburg, Political Science, Austria (2009-present)

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Austrian Politics (e.g., Populism, Political Parties, Democracy)

COURSE: Campaigns and Elections (applied course)

Group of University of Salzburg students in Nicaragua in 2014

COURSE: Selected issues in US Politics

COURSE: Foundational Texts

COURSE: Introduction to Austrian Politics – Principal Lecture

COURSE: Seminar on the Welfare State

COURSE: Research Design for Masters’/Dissertation-level Students

Summer teaching at RUC in Bejing in 2017 with TA Yang Chen

COURSE: Humanitarian Mission Training Field Experience

Renmin University of China, Beijing (2014, 2015, 2017, 2019-2022)

COURSE: Relations between China, the United States, and the European Union

First office in 1994 with a „very young UPJ student“, to get a window I would have to make tenure

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, USA (1994-2009)

COURSE: American Political Process

COURSE: Comparative Politics

COURSE: American Foreign Policy

COURSE: World Politics

University of Pittsburgh Service Learning Program with students in rural Bolivia — Cochabamba Bolivia

COURSE: Comparative Development

COURSE: Regime Transition in Eastern Europe

COURSE: Seminar in International Human Rights

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Social Policy

COURSE: Seminar in Comparative Welfare Policy

COURSE: International Organization/European Union’

COURSE: Political Science Research

COURSE: Latin American Politics

COURSE European Union Political


Attending one of the many Model UNs, Model EUs, and Model NATOs with my wonderful students


University of Pittsburgh, Department of Political Science, USA (1996-2009)

COURSE: The Welfare State in Comparative Perspective              

COURSE: EU and European Social Policy

COURSE: New Southern European Democracies and the European Union: Impact and Public Policy

COURSE: Studying Development through Service Learning – The Case of Bolivia

St. Lawrence University, USA (1985-86, 1988-1989)

COURSE: Soviet and East European Politics and History

Michigan State University, USA (1989-1994)

COURSE: European Political Sociology

COURSE: Introduction to Comparative Politics

COURSE: Introduction to International Relations

COURSE: Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science

COURSE: Introduction to Political Thought

COURSE: America and World Problems

Steaming through the stormy North Sea toward Oslo

COURSE: American Government — Fieldwork/Internship Program

Semester at Sea Institute for Ship Board Education, USA (2000)

COURSE: The Politics of the European Union

Amizade Service Learning with students of the University of Pittsburgh in Bolivia

COURSE: Comparative European Political Systems

West Virginia University and Amizade, USA (2006, 2008)

COURSE: Studying Development/Global Service Learning in Bolivia

International Summer University Carinthia (Academic Director 2006 – 2016)

COURSE: European Integration

COURSE: Putting it all into Context — Research Design

The founders and original teaching staff of ISUC with City Councillor Mag.a Hilde Schaumberger