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Book Publications and Editorships

2022Diverse Voices on Populism – New Accounts from the European “Periphery with Aneta Cekikj and Klaudia Koxha (Nomos, in progress)

2022Austria’s Islam Politics  (Rutgers University Press, under contract)

2021Political Populism: Handbook of Concepts, Questions and Strategies for Research, ed. vol. with O. Mazzoleni, C. Holtz-Bacha (Baden-Baden: Nomos).

2020 The People and the Nation: Populism and Ethno-Territorial Politics in Europe co-edited with, E. Massetti, and O. Mazzoleni (Routledge).

2020 National Populismus Bildet/Populism and the Educational Dimension, ed. vol: with Patrick Duval and Manfred Oberlechner  (Wochenschau Verlag).

2020Kritisches Handbuch der österreichischen Demokratie: BürgerInnen, Verfassung, Institutionen, Verbände (Vienna: Böhlau)

2018 SPECIAL ISSUE co-edited with E. Massetti and O. Mazzoleni “Addressing the Territorial Dimension in Party-based Populism” Comparative European Politics (November, Issue 6) ISSN: 1472-4790 (Print) 1740-388X (Online)

2017Political Populism; A Handbook, ed. vol. with O. Mazzoleni, C. Holtz-Bacha (Baden-Baden: Nomos).

2016Understanding Populist Organization: The West European Radical Right ed. vol. with O. Mazzoleni. (London: Palgrave).

2016Jung, muslemisch, österreichisch: Einblicke in die 20 Jahre Muslemische Jugend Österreich, ed. vol. with F. Hafez, R. Kneuker, R. Polak (Vienna: New Academic Press).

2002Populism, Proporz, and Pariah – Austria Turns Right: Austrian Political Change, Its Causes and Repercussions (Huntington NY: Nova Science Publishing)


Journal Publications (peer reviewed)

2022 – with S. Saxonberg Filling the Demand Gap “Explaining the Success of Centrist Entrepreneurial Populism in the Czech Republic” Europe-Asia Studies (accepted 22/09/2021)

2022 – with Ruth Meyer, Marco Fölsch, Martin Dolezal „An Evidence-Driven Model of Voting and Party Competition. In: Czupryna, M., Kamiński, B. (eds) Advances in Social Simulation. Springer Proceedings in Complexity. Springer, Cham.

2021 – with Fabian Habersack, Armin Mühlböck, Viktoria Jansesberger “Perceived Deprivation and Voter Turnout in Austria: Do Views on Social Inequality Moderate the Deprivation—Abstention Nexus?“ Political Studies (first online 03/11/2021) >> DOWNLOAD HERE

2021 – with Viktoria Jansesberger “Does Ethno-Territorial Identity Matter in Populist Party Support? Evidence on the Demand-Side from 19 Populist Radical Right and Populist Radical Left National and Regionalist Parties“ European Politics and Society (first online 22/09/2021) >> DOWNLOAD HERE

2021 – with S. Saxonberg, A. Werner, F. Habersack “The Effect of Radical Right Fringe Parties on Main Parties in Central Eastern Europe: Empirical Evidence from Manifesto Data” Party Politics (Volume 27, Issue 1) 9-21 DOWNLOAD HERE

2020 – with Carsten Wegscheider „Populism and Polarization: A Dual Threat to Europe’s Liberal Democracies?“  Politics and Governance 8(3): 32–44 >> DOWNLOAD HERE

2020 – with D. McDonnell, A. Werner „Equivocal Euroscepticism: How populist radical right parties can have their EU cake and eat it” Journal of Common Market Studies (first online 01/06/2020)

2019 – with A. Werner ”Who do populist radical right parties stand for? Representative claims, claim acceptance and descriptive representation in the Austrian FPÖ and German AfD”. Representation (first online 16/07/2019)  DOWNLOAD HERE

2019 – with A. Werner, F. Habersack “Reclaiming National Sovereignty: The Case of the Conservatives and the Far-Right in Austria” European Politics and Society (first online 24/06/2019) DOWNLOAD HERE

2019 – “Dealignment and the Rise of the Freedom Party and the Greens,” Contemporary Austrian Studies. Vol. 28.

Special Issue

2019 – with E. Berger “Analyse der schwarz-grün-orangen Regierungsperiode 2013-2018, Salzburger Jahrbuch der Politik 72(1): 105-141

2018 – with E. Massetti and O. Mazzoleni “Populism and ethno-territorial politics in European multi-level systems” Comparative European Politics 16 (6): 923–936

2018 – with T. Lehner and A. Mühlböck “Municipalities in Rural Areas Face Challenges: Mergers–the Austrian Case.” Journal of Comparative Politics 12(1): 19-35

2018 – with Vanessa Marent. “Sub-state territorial claims making by a nationwide radical right-wing populist party: the case of the Austrian Freedom Party” Comparative European Politics 16 (6): 1012–1032.

2018 – with T. Lehner, Armin Mühlböck, C. H. Schimpf “How do Municipal Amalgamations Affect Turnout in Local Elections? Insights from the 2015 Municipal Reform in the Austrian State of Styria” Local Government Studies 04/05 https://doi:10.1080/030039302018.1465935

2018 – with F. Hafez “Breaking with Austrian Consociationalism: How the Rise of Rightwing Populism and Party Competition have changed Austria’s Islam Politics” Politics and Religion, 30 (11) 3: 649-678, https://Doi:10.1017/S17550483180001721755-0483/18

2018 – “Struggling to Address the ‘Big and Burning’ Questions: The Opportunities and Perils of (Austrian) Political Science Going Mainstream,” Austrian Journal of Political Science (ÖZP) 47(3): 71-77.

2016 – with A. Mühlböck. Auf die Größe kommt es an – Neue empirische Evidenz zur Wahlbeteiligung in Gemeinden. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft 1(26) https://Doi:10.1007/s12286-016-0307-8

2016 – “Austria’s Populist Puzzle,” Foreign Affairs Dec. 5, 2016 puzzle

2016 – with F. Fallend. “Collaboration as successful strategy against right-wing populism? The case of the centre-right coalition in Austria 2000–2007” Democratization 23 (2) 2016: 1–21 https://Doi:10.1080/13510347.2015.1060223

2014 – with B. SchlipphakWenn Europa zum Problem wird – Die Effekte der Finanzkrise auf Euroskeptizismus und nationales Wahlverhalten in Mittel- und Osteuropa.“ Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft 8 (5) 2014: 177-196.

2010 – “Unremarkably Remarkable, Remarkably Unremarkable: Schüssel as Austria’s Foreign Policymaker in a Time of Transition.” Contemporary Austrian Studies: The Schüssel Years in Austria, Vol.18(2010): 119-158.

2010 – “Von Partikularinteressen und weißen Elefanten–Ein Land auf der Suche nach einem gemeinsamen Gestaltungswillen.“ Kärntner Jahrbuch für Politik, 2010. (Klagenfurt: Hermagoras) 147-159.

2008 – “Right-Wing Populism in Austria— A Case for Comparison?” Problems of Post-Communism. 53(3) May/June: 20-34.

2008 – “Basic Human Rights – Does Regime Matter.” Politics & Policy 25 (4): 571-609

2006 – “On Edward Moxon-Browne (eds.) Who Are Europeans Now?” The European Legacy: Journal of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas 11(6): 679-682, (Review Essay).

 2004 – “Salvation and Villain — The Role of ‘Europe’ in Austrian Politics and The Rise of Right-wing Populism.” Politique Européenne, No. 14 (Automne): 123-51.

2004 – “Die FPÖ — Ein Phänomen im internationalen Vergleich Erfolg und Misserfolg des Identitären Rechtspopulismus” Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft 33 (3): 247-61.

2003 – “Success in Opposition — Failure in Government: Exploring the Performance of the Austrian Freedom Party and other European Right-wing Populist Parties in Public Office.” West European Politics 26(3): 91-130.

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2000 – “Coping with Economic Integration: Corporatist Strategies in Germany and Austria in the 1990s.” West European Politics 23(3): 67-96.          

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1997 – “Basic Human Rights — Does Regime Matter.” Southeastern Political Review 25 (4): 571-611.

1997 – On Staffan Zetterholm (ed.) 1995 “National Cultures and European Integration.The European Legacy: Journal of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas 1 (6): 111-121.

1991 – Coauthored with Michael Bratton and David S. Wiley. “How Africanists View U.S. Policy: Results of a Survey.”  Issue 19 (2): 21-49.


Book Chapters and Other Scholarly Publications

2022 –“Rechtspopulismus in Österreich: Die Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs.“ In Frank Decker, Bernd Henningsen and  Marcel Lewandowsky (eds.) Aufstand der Außenseiter: Die Herausforderung der europäischen Politik durch den neuen Rechtspopulismus (Baden-Baden, Nomos): 151-168

2021 – with A. Werner. “Austria: Tracing the Austrian Christian Democrats’ Adaptation to the Rise of the Far Right”. In Tim Bales and Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser (eds.) Riding the Populist Wave (Cambridge; Cambridge University Press): 91-113.

2021 – “The Effect of the Resurgent Radical Populist Right on the Main Centre-Left and Centre-Right Parties and their Adaptation Strategies: The Case of Austria“. In Gisela Pereyra Doval, Gastón Souroujon (eds.) Global Resurgence of the Right: Conceptual and Regional Perspectives (London, Routledge): 138-161

2021 – with F. Habersack. and F. Fallend, and “Party Competition in Austria: Between Dismissive and Accommodative Reactions to the FPÖ’s Success Book Actions and Reactions.” In Daniele Albertazzi and Davide Vampa. Populism and New Patterns of Political Competition in Western Europe Routledge (London, Routledge): 73-92.

2021 – with Susanne Rhein. “Populismus, Pandemie und subjektive Betroffenheit in Österreich: Ergebnisse einer Umfrage“. In Andreas Khol, Stefan Karner, Wolfgang Sobotka, Bettina Rausch und Günther Ofner (eds.) Österreichisches Jahrbuch für Politik 2020 (Böhlau): 41-57

2020 – with E. Massetti and O. Mazzoleni, “Introduction: European party-based populism and territory” In Reinhard Heinisch, Emanuele Massetti and Oscar Mazzoleni (eds.) The People and the Nation: Populism and Ethno-Territorial Politics in Europe (Routledge):  1-19

2020 – with E. Massetti and O. Mazzoleni, “Populism and ethno-territorial politics – conclusions: bridging legacies in understanding party mobilization.” In Reinhard Heinisch, Emanuele Massetti and Oscar Mazzoleni (eds.) The People and the Nation: Populism and Ethno-Territorial Politics in Europe (London, Routledge):  280-90.

2020 – with Franz Fallend. “Föderalismus aus Politikwissenschaftlicher Hinsicht“. In Georg Lienbacher und Erich Pürgy (eds.) Ist die Gesetzgebungskomptenz der Länder noch sinnvoll? (Jan Sramek): 123:41

2020 – with Mario Wintersteiger Demokratie: Grundlagen, Probleme, Antworten in Reinhard Heinisch (ed.) Kritisches Handbuch der österreichischen Demokratie: BürgerInnen, Verfassung, Institutionen, Verbände (Vienna: Böhlau): 27-63.

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2019 – “The Carinthian Model: The Role of Sub-National Claims in the Freedom Party’s Dominance in Austria’s Southernmost State.” In Reinhard Heinisch, Emanuele Massetti, and Oscar Mazzoleni, The People and the Nation: Populism and Ethno-Territorial Politics in Europe (Routledge – in production).

2019 – with F. Hafez and E. Miklin The New Right: Austria’s Freedom Party and changing perceptions of Islam REPORT Commissioned by BROOKINGS published online Wednesday, July 24

2019 – with Farid Hafez. “The Political Influence of the Austrian Freedom Party.” In Benjamin Biard, Laurent Bernhard, and Hans-Georg Betz (eds.) Do They Make a Difference? Do They Make a Difference? The Policy Influence of Radical Right Populist Parties in Western Europe (London: Rowman & Littlefield/ECPR Press): 145-164

2019 – Die Kongresswahlen 2018 als Abstimmung über Präsident Trump. In B. Karl, W. Mantl, K. Poier, M. Pritschnig, A. Ziegerhofer (eds.)  Das Steirische Jahrbuch der Politik (Vienna: Böhlau Verlag): 227-240.

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2018 – with F. Fallend. “The Impact of Radical Right Parties on the Austrian Political System” . In: Absorbing the Blow: Populist Parties and Their Impact on Parties and Party Systems, (ECPR Press): 27-54 ISBN: 97817855214925521492

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